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IMT4012 Digital Forensics I
(Bachelors are also attending this course with a different subject code, IMT3551)

Evidence acquisition, analysis and reporting

  • 4 lectures
  • Presentation of chosen paper (in groups)
  • Week of lab work (19, 22 and 23rd of November)
  • Written exam 3 hours (40%) - 18th December
  • Project work (40%) - Groups of 4-6 people (deliver by 7th December)
  • Oral presentation of group work (20% - 10% for each of them)

Lecture notes

Our paper presentation

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Our project paper

Mind map


Book: Digital Forensics with open source tools Cory Altheide and Harlan Carvey, 1 edition (372,-).

Online (free): Forensic Discovery Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema, 2005 edition (source).