11 years 10 years

5 ETC subject
50% group project (approx 10-15 pages each): We chose "Advanced Persistent Threat"
50% exam (multiple choice and cases)

The project is a bit different from what we are used to. It's more focused towards management track methodology. The main idea is that each group has an umbrella topic, and we shall break it down into semi-independent tasks and write about 12-17 pages each, while one in the group have the main task of coordinating the others work. We are supposed to collect information on the topic and present it in the report. We are used to referencing others ideas and making abstracts of them when we quote. Now we instead include it in our report (still give reference) because the goal is not to repeat already well formulated text, but collect it and but it in context and discuss it.

There are exercises for every lecture, we have access to Cisco curriculum "CCNA Security" although it's not mandatory to complete the certification (and it requires CCNA anyway).


Group paper on APT

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