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Lecture notes

My mind map


  • Informasjonskrigføringens terminologi og innhold (terms and definitions)
  • Cyber space som operasjonsmiljø (cyber space as an operational arena)
  • Våpen som brukes i informasjonskrigføring (weapons used in cyber warfare)
  • Introduksjon til psykologien bak manipulering (psychology of manipulation)
  • Kunnskapsledelse (knowledge management)
  • Verdivurdering (asset evaluation)
  • Kunnskapsbaserte cyber-operasjoner (cyber operations based on knowledge)

  • What the books look like What the books look like


  • Global Information Warfare: How Businesses, Governments, and Others Achieve Objectives and Attain Competitive Advantages (570,- in mjøsbøk, and it's a thick book. English, read chapter 1-6 + 16)
  • Påvirkning. Teori og praksis (357,- in mjøsbok, in Norwegian and seems easy to read, and read chapter 1-8 for self study)


  • 3 hour written exam