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  1. NIS lectures 2012
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  3. Ontology
  4. NorCERT presentation
  5. Document Image Analysis
  6. Betydningen av IKT i samfunnet
  7. Bro User Group @ GUC


Adjusting the front page in fronter can be a good idea. I have set up forwarding of e-mail to my private account, so I don't care for that view. The time schedule is also not working so I removed that one. At the bottom of the front page there is a link "Customise today". Inside it I chose the display mode of four and added these modules:

Remember to edit the favorites with the
Remember to edit the favorites with the "Edit favourite" button


When you want to print on campus, you send your document to a server, log on to any available printer (using your student ID card or user/password), choose what you want to be printed, and then log out.

The server is (samba "windows file sharing"):


Intstructions for MAC

Remember to turn on duplex printing