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IMT4571 IT Governance

  • There will be 3 lectures on campus held by Prof Dr. Ing Åsmund Skomedal,
  • 2 multiple choice "exams" (counting 10% each) and
  • 2 group assignments (30%).
  • 2 hour "multiple choice" exam (in fronter) counts for the last 50%. The main topic is ISO 27001/2 and the goal is to understand the process of establishing and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS) like this one.

Lecture notes

Mind map overview

Mind map controls


Alan Calder and Steve Watkins, 5th edition. (Cost 430 in Mjøsbok)
page 65: "high-quality people need appropriate compensation packages"
page 127: "Information should not be stored on a network that is connected to the internet, however strong the firewall connection"
page 187: "One step that might be considered in order to illustrate the importance of this particular control might be to make storage of digital data on a desktop a disciplinary offence" Book: IT Governance - An international guide to data security and ISO27001/27002

Document: Why cryptosystems fail Ross Anderson source