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The 2nd seminar was dedicated for a brief presentation from each student to explain what his or her research was all about, current progress and issues. Then we had a presentation regarding how to structure our oral presentation. Important takeaways:

  • Explain what the contribution is, what you did compared to what others did. Give examples.
  • Time is limited, 20 minutes, so focus on the important things. Don't spend 15 minutes on the background. Divide it between the problem statement, methodology, findings, conclusions and further work.
  • One message per slide, and try to limit the amount of them (7-10 is recommended)
  • Set the stage. Assume the audience are smart, but does not have any insight into your topic. Like you before you started the work for master thesis.

No printing is necessary, remember to talk to library if you want your work published at the HiG library, remember to update the address in studentweb when moving (in order to receive the diploma), upload presentation slides by morning the 19th so they are ready for presentation and keep a copy on a usb stick just in case. There is a celebration event after presentations are done at 18:00.

In case of any postponement (i.e. job) send an application by May 1st the latest.