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The template reference in the Fronter resources room (gtl.hig.no) and on the official subject page (hig.no/imt/emnesider/imt4904) had different files on them. The imt4904 one did not even compile and was dated with the oldest dates. The one at glt.hig.no compiled but needed some work to get rid of all the noise.

You can download the archive here for InfoSec:

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sha256: 6013fea48e...af9db4c41b

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This template looks like vancouver style. If a name and year based is needed (like the Harvard style), try changing the following command in the bottom of the index.tex file: \bibliographystyle{gucthesis} from "gucthesis" to "apalike". See here for a list of other choices.

Also remember to set the correct document class. On top of the same file. \documentclass[MIS,english]{gucthesis}. Change MIS to whatever suits you. The choices according to gucthesis.cls are MMT, MACS, MIS, CIMET, BSP, BRD, BIS, BPU and BIND

It you need a subtitle under your title, make some small changes of the title:

\thesistitle{Title\\\vspace{2 mm}{\normalsize Subtitle}}
see changing-the-font-size-in-latex for font size choise. The \\ is basically a new line and the vertical spacing for aesthetics.

The unchanged version compiled here (for explanations):

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