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Most of this lecture were repetition from Cryptology1, but there were some new interesting things (The repetition was easy to follow and well written though)

  • More in detail on types of hashes: insecure and secure hash algorithms. Secure hash algorithms can be keyed and non-keyed.
  • The difficulty of managing cryptographic keys, the numbers required, Trusted third party, Certificate Authorities etc.
  • Adding hash of encrypted message or hashing clear text and then encrypting it all?
  • MAC codes: Message authentication using secret (symmetric or asymmetric)
  • Nonce's: time-stamp, sequence number, IV, salt
  • Identification vs authentication definitions (different than previous definitions: Identification related to persons and authentication related to cryptology)
  • AH and ESP in IPsec: Authentication Header and Encapsulating Security Payload. Transport mode and tunnel mode.