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A great talk of morality Sam Harris: Science can answer moral questions. Subscribed to the Coursera class Moralities of Everyday Life. It is one of two talks claimed to support opposite views. The other is Jonathan Haidt: The moral roots of liberals and conservatives. Not sure I see them as opposite. This 2nd one talks more of how to go about getting a discussion going while the first talks of human "universality truths"... having a discussion that is not based on authority alone but rather individual free choice.


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The Coursera course is great! It covers so much, from philosophical ideas like the deontological and consequentialist views, the differences we make between strangers and those we consider our own kind, empathy and it's weaknesses, altruism and how evolution can explain our moral gut feelings such as disgust, preference for cute things etc. The course touches on game theory, studies of both humans and other animals, how morality develops in children and even free will. Readers of the book "Influence" by Cialdini will recognize several of the examples given.

Vivek Sharma
8 years

Good to know that, you're also attending the lectures for morality of life. :)