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"Emotional Intelligence" by Daniel Goleman claims that intelligence is so much more than simply IQ tests. IQ tests focus on logic, patterns, language and short term memory, but what about human interaction? Social skills often play a bigger part and thus function as a better predictor of success in the job marked.

  • What are Emotions for?

    Why do we have feelings and how they materialize in the limbic system (primal brain stem) in contrast to rational thinking in the outer newer cerebral cortex.

  • Anatomy of an Emotional Hijacking:

    How well the rational mind is able to control primitive feelings

  • When Smart is Dumb:

    Examples of studies where high IQ fails to predict success in life (job marked). Team work and cooperation will in general be more important than the effort of the individual.

  • Know Thyself
  • Passion’s Slave
  • The Master Aptitude
  • The roots of empathy
  • The Social Arts
  • Intimate Enemies
  • Managing with Heart
  • Mind and Medicine
  • The Family Crucible
  • Trauma and Emotional Relearning
  • Temperament is not Destiny
  • The Cost of Emotional Literacy
  • Schooling the Emotions