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"The Body Has a Mind of Its Own" is a book by Sandra Blakeslee and Matthew Blakeslee. The main topic in this book is "body maps" in the brain. How the brain has areas for each body part for receiving input and sending commands. These maps are dynamic and can grow and shrink. Learning is about interaction, not simply getting stimuli.

if you carry a young kitten around during its early months of life when its brain is rapidly developing, allowing it to see everything around it, but never allowing it to experience the world by moving around on its own, that kitten will end up functionally blind for life. Sure, the kitten would be able to perceive light, shadow and color, but it would be incapable of recognizing objects and it would lack depth perception. Why? source

  • Why do you still feel fat after losing weight?
  • What makes video games so addictive?
  • How can “practicing” your favorite sport in your imagination improve your game?

The book also discusses mirror neurons, possible the mechanism behind empathy.

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