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So, I was inspired by this Youtube clip a while ago: Skyrim - Lindsey Stirling & Peter Hollens. The game is actually great! The high definition texture pack were available from Steam, so that was the first thing I got. Then I looked at a lot of the Skyrim mods weekly episodes and downloaded some 50-60 mods to enhance the game even more. Examples like better menus, map, contrast, grass, skies, trees, rocks and so on. The graphics is just great, inserting story, lots of freedom, both in what to do and how to do it. A list of my mods:

    New screenshots


      • Enhanced Soundtrack (part 1 explore, )
      • Sounds of Skyrim (the dungeons, civilization, the wild)

      Game play

      • SKSE (not on Steam)
      • SkyUI (better user interface for menues) (requires SKSE, new executable lanucher + some DLL files - not on Steam)
      • A Quality World Map - All Roads (not on Steam)
      • Unread Books Glow (by duggelz)
      • Followers can relax
      • Matso Immersive Rain
      • Better underwater sight - clearer
      • Drunken Brawling
      • Faster vanilla horses (yeah, they run really slow)
      • More rain
      • Deeper snow (more snow) (This might actually be a bit too much, almost got lost the other day)
      • Enhanced game play - wilderness encounters
      • Enhanced hotpools
      • Lanterns of skyrim - bridges
      • Frostfall - hypothermia, camping, survival

      City enhancements/areas

      • Detailed outskirts
      • Detailed cities
      • Better Riften
      • Enhanced Cities: Helgen
      • Towns and villages enhanced: Markarth exterior
      • Towns and villages enhanced: Inns
      • Towns and villages enhanced: Falkreath
      • Towns and villages enhanced - Riverhood
      • Towns and villages enhanced: Riften (perhaps colliding with the (Better Riften")

      Texture enhancements world

      • Immersive contrast boost (A bit dark, but much better than original/vanilla)
      • Water and Terrain Enhancements Redux
      • Shooting Stars
      • Moss Rocks
      • Better Embers
      • Better Dynamic Snow
      • Anternate Sun Glare
      • Emmersive constellations
      • Rainbows (never seen one yet though)
      • Detailed rugs
      • HQ workbench and grindstone
      • Static mesh improvement mod (part 1 and part 2)
      • Chewiemuse's Dense Grass
      • Crimson tide - blood
      • Enhanced blood textures
      • Pure waters
      • Enhanced distant terrain
      • Lush trees and grass
      • Milty way galaxy texture
      • Real mountains
      • More grass
      • Waves (does not work, so disabled)
      • Real glaciers
      • HD plants + herbs
      • Dense vegetation
      • Vurt flora overhaul (redux)
      • HQ snow texture
      • Improved interior lighting (for realistic lighting mods)
      • Birds and flocks
      • Deadly spell impacts
      • Vibrant Auroras


      • Mary J's hideaway + Mary J's texture & vampire fix
      • Nord Sisters- 3 followers
      • Younger Breton Females
      • Better females by Bella - "Core files" and "Less makeup"


      • Magicka Sabers expanded (star wars sabers - haven't tried them yet - they don't actually fit in the story)