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Around may 2020 I started playing Conan Exiles on a role play server. This is a short summary with screenshots up until Desember 2020.

Aasgir was taking a short break. He was tired. Just hours before he was hanging at a cross in the middle of the desert. Life as a slave had been hard and punishment for misbehaving in the eyes of the rich was without mercy. After being rescued, he was brought to a northern city called Oxengrad. The town seemed well organized, and there was plenty of work to be done. He had been given some land near the cliffs overlooking the savanna where he was now working on the foundations of his new home.

Initially he kept mostly for himself. Aasgeir built his home, went hunting, dug for ores and set up a shop of his own. He completed his artisan training as a master blacksmith, and went on discovering the land.

  • Leaving the cliffside house Leaving the cliffside house

    Little did he know of the alliances and intrigues building up in the lands. Not until he met Solveig, a pirate from the southwest. They became friends and started building a base far out in the ocean on a mountainous island.

      Aasgeir had heard rumors of an the art of the Atlantean steel, and did stumble upon the ancient forge while out diving in the north, but the forge itself he still had not found. Through Solveig he was dragged into a war between the pirates and the nordheimers. Aasgeir joined the battle not knowing what he was being dragged into. Aasgeir realized during battle there were people he knew on the oposing side, and after a few dances on the battlefield decided he could not kill. So he stopped fighing and let the battle carry on. The pirate leader Gregor was a brutal and cold man, and decided to shattered Aasgeirs knee in cold blood when he later tried to excuse his withdrawal.

        It was about this point in time Aasgeir met up with the Artisans league. A group of people living peacefully in the desert. After a few drinks Aasgeir decided to join forces and left the island.
        The Artisans Theron and Aasgeir were lead by their wise leader Soren, and together they extended their dominion with trade of exotic goods.

        • The artisans out hunting The artisans out hunting

        A soldier named Thoras joined the artisans and they build the high council together.