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Watched this clip today: Google I/O 2009 - The Myth of the Genius Programmer. They do have a lot of interesting thoughts.

  • "Low buss factor": Have as many people as possible know how stuff works in order to be resiliant for key personnel being hit by ...a buss, get married, get a child, leave company, lose interest...
  • Big fish vs small fish: Safe but don't get better vs steep learning curve but feeling unsafe.
  • Leader: Be influenced, open to change mind, admit mistakes (being vulnerable)
  • Developing alone vs developing in teams, drop ego, embrace failure (avoid repeating failure), iterate quickly. Hiding hinder development.
  • Technology not so great to deal with social problems (like DRM), but can encourage behavior, and defaults are very important.
  • One opinion is not enough, 2-3-4 is perfect and 5-6 or more makes decision making hard.