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Bought a new MacBook Air last week. I needed a bigger laptop with more power than my current ultra portable Dell inspiron mini 1012. Since am already familiar with Windows and Linux it was time to check out the Mac OS.

    I really like the hardware:

    • Backlit keyboard, easy to write on
    • Nice 1440x900 display on a 13" screen (Kind of boring compared with the new pro's retina screen, but still all I needed)
    • The touchpad is huge, you can click anywhere and it's multitouch meaning you can have different things happen when using 1-5 fingers on it.
    • My first laptop with SSD. Actually my first machine with SSD. Like the speed!

    The operating system is easy to use, and I managed to get django up and running, although it took some hours of reading and figuring out stuff. The hardest thing would be like, "where are all the special characters?" :)