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We're now in the 2nd week of this semester, and had the 3rd lecture today. Starting the 21. September means 17.5 weeks of work. "Normal" workload is 30 ETC or 900 hours ~51 hours per week. In practice we "loose" a lot of time in the beginning because of lack of information and slow start, time in the middle because of first exam period and time at the end around Christmas because of early final delivery dates... but who spends that amount of time anyway?

The two first weeks of autumn semester is dedicated to integrating new students, meaning a lot of parties and other activities so it's been quite hectic till now. Concert on Wednesday, back to school party on Thursday, Quiz on Friday, game character costume party on Saturday, barbecue on Sunday, standup on Monday, HiG Olympics on Tuesday. Today was actually dedicated to school.. and we got pubcrawl, talen show and yet another party the following days. In total I probably spent about 10 hours on school work the first week, and this week I'm up to about 14 now :)

  • Concert with Sirkus Eliassen Concert with Sirkus Eliassen
  • HiG Olympics - Paper rockets HiG Olympics - Paper rockets
  • HiG Olympics - Building a tower HiG Olympics - Building a tower

    Now I just have to complete my notes on the 2nd intrusion detection lecture, notes on the first machine learning II lecture and then I'm going to implement a SVM classifier and the Aho–Corasick search algorithm.