6 år 6 år

So, this is a short summary of what has happen the last month:

  • Completed the Network Security project on Advanced Persistent Threat, and also the Software Security Trends report on "Man-in-the-browser" using DLL injection. Now we only got the Digital Forensics 2 and Computational Forensics projects left.

  • I tried out a Nintendo 64 emulator on my Macbook Air inside a virtual machine and it worked great. Played a little Donkey Kong Racing and the first part of Ocarina of time. I have these controls, and it is a bit tricky to set them up since they don't have the famous Z-button on the back, and they also only have 4 buttons, on the right, while N64 had 6 (2 + 4 C-buttons). Luckily these controllers have two right and two left buttons.

    I have also played some Age of Empires II HD on steam with some friends, great game, and I also bought Skyrim (and Oblivion by mistake). See my gaming page for more details.

  • Found some more interesting videos:
    YouTube: The History and the Evolution of Computer Viruses
    YouTube: History of Ethernet LAN
    YouTube: What happened to antimatter?
    YouTube: Karmin - Sleigh Ride (music video - a bit off season..)

It's now exactly two weeks till deadline, and then it's back home and more work.. :)